Tyr Wyrmwood Finally Released on ComiXology!

Tyr Wyrmwood: Dragon HunterHOLY smokes, it’s finally coming! TYR WYRMWOOD: DRAGON HUNTER #1 is finally releasing on comiXology June 17th, 2015. Next Wednesday! Created/Written by Nuno Teixeira, art by energetic artist Giannis Milonogiannis which we created a few years back!

Created/Written by Nuno XEI, art by the energetic artist, Giannis Milonogiannis (Old City Blues, Prophet). We created this little beauty way back in 2010!

Update (June 17,2015): NOW available on comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! Tyr Wyrmwood on ComiXology

I also spotted a sweet tweet from co-founder of comiXology and Director of Submit, John Roberts, promoting the issue 🙂 Check out @johnnystorm0’s Tweet: