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Raven Nevermore #4: Night's Plutonian Shore

RAVEN NEVERMORE #4: Night’s Plutonian Shore

Nightwatcher Corvan Moore is literally on the brink of death. His daughter, Anastasia, guides him into the Veil of the Otherworld where he witnesses the horrible event that befell his family. An exchange with the id-ravens of his subconscious will set Corvan on his next path to find answers–and he won’t like what he discovers.

Raven Nevermore #3 - Midnight Dreary

RAVEN NEVERMORE #3 – Midnight Dreary

Nightwatcher Captain Corvan Moore is coerced into clearing a shipment of dreamdust into Cog Town if he wants to see his daughter again. What does the ship’s first mate, a celestial, know about Corvan, and how is he connected to Sheriff Gearwall? Corvan’s bloodline holds answers, but is he ready to accept them?

Raven Nevermore #2 - Tempter Sent

RAVEN NEVERMORE #2 – Tempter Sent

Corvan is not entirely himself as he seeks to find answers regarding what’s happened to his family. Corvan’s journey takes him to The Waterways, a complex sewer labyrinth under Cog Town. He’ll get some answers there, but it might only lead to more confusion, more questions… and more grief.