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Raven Nevermore #3 - Midnight Dreary

RAVEN NEVERMORE #3 – Midnight Dreary

Nightwatcher Captain Corvan Moore is coerced into clearing a shipment of dreamdust into Cog Town if he wants to see his daughter again. What does the ship’s first mate, a celestial, know about Corvan, and how is he connected to Sheriff Gearwall? Corvan’s bloodline holds answers, but is he ready to accept them?

Raven Nevermore #2 - Tempter Sent

RAVEN NEVERMORE #2 – Tempter Sent

Corvan is not entirely himself as he seeks to find answers regarding what’s happened to his family. Corvan’s journey takes him to The Waterways, a complex sewer labyrinth under Cog Town. He’ll get some answers there, but it might only lead to more confusion, more questions… and more grief.

Raven Nevermore Series Accepted at ComiXology

ComiXology has accepted XEI as an indie publisher via the comiXology Submit program. They’ve furthermore accepted the Raven Nevermore series for digital distribution via their app store! All 9 issues...

Raven Nevermore #1 - Days of Yore

RAVEN NEVERMORE #1: Days of Yore

Corvan Moore always had a purpose in life: to stop the bad guys. He was raised in the Cog Town Central Precinct by his step-father, the dwarf, Sheriff Gearwall.Instead of taking a much needed break from the Nightwatchers, and the case against the Mortoni Family, Corvan gives it one more night of service before taking a long holiday.One extra night is all it’ll take. Corvan’s life will turn inside out. While up against Mortoni’s men, led by a mob captain named Big Arm, something deep within Corvan Moore stirs and awakens. There will be many questions Corvan will ponder, but the most profound one will ultimately be: who am I?

Gypsy Road

“Gypsy Road” is a graphic novel project that is being produced in between work on other projects. It’s the story of a man–er, minotaur–named Bo, the creator and lead developer...