Raven Nevermore


RAVEN NEVERMORE is a comic series that tells the origin story of Nightwatcher Captain Corvan Moore. He is a relentless elite lawman in the metropolis of Cog Town. While determined to bring down the masked mob boss, Haggle Mortoni, he is forced to confront his own mysterious heritage, and reject a destiny he’s successfully kept buried in his subconscious his entire life.

Follow this tale as Corvan’s mundane encounter with the local mob spirals into a soul-shattering epic-scale battle that could annihilate Cog Town and everyone in it!

The series consists of nine 30-page issues and is written by Nuno XEI, illustrated by Emmanuel Xerx Javier, with colours by Axel Rator and Hector Rubilar Lara, letters by Ed Brisson and Chris Crank, and covers by Samuel Casal.

Read “For Evermore“, an alternate world expansion of the original poem, specifically tied into the RAVEN NEVERMORE series.

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Richard Caldwell via BleedingCool.com: “[Nuno Teixeira is] piloting his ship far from any of the over utilized stereotypes of either the steampunk or Gothic genres, Raven Nevermore is an intelligent representation of a set and setting that is part learned Victorian couture and part Michael Moorcock science fantasy epic and part Dungeons and Dragons.”

The Stand On Guard blog: “We are introduced to Corvan Moore’s friends, families and enemies, and a mystery in his background, but also shown the setting in pieces, whether in the form of the Victorian era fashions, high-tech weaponry mixed with fantasy races, etc. To me, seeing Cog City revealed was as interesting as the story itself.”

“gesserit” on KAT: “What I took to be predictability of the plot in the first issue doesn’t just go away, but retroactively dissolves into being just one facet of something far deeper and grander. I’m definitely hooked now!”