Raven Nevermore #1 Review at BleedingCool.com

bleeding-cool-logoBleedingCool.com is one of the best known sites of comic news, gossip and rumours. I’m ecstatic that a review of Raven Nevermore, by wordsmith Richard Caldwell, showed up in its news feed today! Jump on over there to read the whole thing! Here’s a segment that I especially love, but the write up is splattered with vibrant insights. Awesome!

Teixeira is a strong storyteller, building a world that is easy to be drawn into, with its hypnotic names and titles and altered cultures galore and meta-textual nuances aplenty. There are so many layers presented in this first chapter that the possibilities for plot potential are uncountable and mesmerizing. Piloting his ship far from any of the over-utilized stereotypes of either the steampunk or Gothic genres, Raven Nevermore is an intelligent representation of a set and setting that is part Michael Moorcock science-fantasy epic and part Dungeons and Dragons. This is just a wondrously fully-formed concept in every which way. A creeping mystery already in the works. Javier’s work is stellar in its cinematography and staging, as inventive as it is beauteous. His pencils are a tighter variation of the style implored by such artists as Michael Golden and Tom Raney, but with amazingly insightful design sensibilities on characters, clothing and buildings, etc, that are all his own.