Raven Nevermore #1 Cover in “Best Comic Book Covers” of Jan 2014 (ComicsAlliance)


ComicsAlliance.com selected the Raven Nevermore #1 cover as one of the best comic book covers (this month, January 2014). The cover was done by Brazilian artist, Samuel Casal.

I first saw Samuel Casal’s work on a Vimeo video. He was creating a massive woodcut piece that he then used for screen-printing. The aesthetic he captured in his art immediately triggered every desire in me to reach out and make a connection. I had 4 other issue #1 pieces completed and submitted, and although I enjoy them as well… my gut screamed to hook in Casal. I felt, deep down, he was the remaining piece of the puzzle.

The Raven Nevermore series is in-part inspired by Gothic tales, and part of the carry over from that influence came from the wonderful woodcut art found in late 19th- and early 20th-century public domain books and collections. I still lose myself hunting for new treasures on Project Gutenberg! The Harry Clarke “Faust” pieces in particular are known to call me back almost seasonally (some images you’ll notice have been used for the covers of XEI’s fiction collections). This love I had for these old woodcut illustrations made my attraction to Casal’s art a no-brainer.

More than anything, Casal’s beautiful covers helped give me the confidence boost I needed to complete the 272 page comic project. He was able to take the conceptual directions I gave him for each cover and roll out all 9 covers in record time, each one superb. The guy is a machine of awesome!

I couldn’t be more proud to see his art picked and listed along side Darwyn Cooke (Batwing), Rafael Albuquerque (BPRD), and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) whom I personally consider in the top echelon of cover artists in the comic industry.