Raven Nevermore #1 Available on comiXology (Jan 22, 2014)

The first issue of this nine-part XEI mini-series, Raven Nevermore, is available for purchase on comiXology–the world’s leading digital comics distributor and reading app! Read the comic in full-page view on tables, or in comiXology’s “Guided View” panel-to-panel experience. This is a very exciting time for XEI!

Raven Nevermore #1 - comiXology

Raven Nevermore started as a gamble in my life–simply put, to drop all paying work, and dive in. It was three fascinating years. Not all of it was filled with writing this series. A lot more of it was spent conceptualizing the world the series takes place in (BREACHSPACE Setting). And there was the derailments as I slipped away from this project to start work on other subsidiary ones. These other side projects–both comic and short stories–helped me work on story structure strategy, it helped me find a process that fit my way of thinking and working, and the hardest lesson of all, it taught me that starting into comics could be a slow process and that I needed a paying job again in the interim!

Luckily, I worked with a helluva patient artist, Xerx Javier, who stuck to the 272 page monstrosity from beginning to end. I’ll always keep that dude close. He’s a master waiting to take the comic world by storm. I sometimes regret tying him up for so long, but then again, the fact that he did speaks volumes to his loyalty, determination and endurance as a collaborator, and especially, as a damn hard worker! He’s a machine of an artist!

You can read more about the Raven Nevermore series on its own page.