2000 – 2003 (The Art Life)

In the early days, XEI was the company name for my artistic endeavors after graduating with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Waterloo.

2003 – 2010 (The Tech Life)

XEI was expanded to encompass my graphic design and web development ventures. These next few years brought many great opportunities and collaborations with entrepreneurs in the digital space, both in the creative and cultural sectors (artists, galleries, museums) and the technology sectors (framework development, online community management, web video production).

2012 –¬†Ongoing (Fiction & Comics)

XEI officially re-launched as a small press publisher, focused on publishing horror-fantasy comics and fiction that have a strong focus on world-building. Unofficially, the idea of XEI as a small press began in 2009 when the RAVEN NEVERMORE comic series began development (written by Nuno Xei with art by Xerx Javier).

2016 – Ongoing (YouTube Channel)

XEI started a YouTube Channel which will focus on Let’s Play (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Witcher, Pokemon LeafGreen, and others), and inspiring creative thought and output. Finally, the video blogs document the interests and journey of XEI (person and idea) as an outlet for expression while exploring ways to nurture the authentic self.


The future of XEI will be influenced by all the above, and by unexpected things yet to happen. The important aspect of XEI that will always persist is its dedication and contribution to indie culture.

Three words summarize the XEI mission statements: Explore. Engage. Inspire.