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Raven Nevermore #1 - Days of Yore

RAVEN NEVERMORE #1: Days of Yore

Corvan Moore always had a purpose in life: to stop the bad guys. He was raised in the Cog Town Central Precinct by his step-father, the dwarf, Sheriff Gearwall.Instead of taking a much needed break from the Nightwatchers, and the case against the Mortoni Family, Corvan gives it one more night of service before taking a long holiday.One extra night is all it’ll take. Corvan’s life will turn inside out. While up against Mortoni’s men, led by a mob captain named Big Arm, something deep within Corvan Moore stirs and awakens. There will be many questions Corvan will ponder, but the most profound one will ultimately be: who am I?

Gypsy Road

“Gypsy Road” is a graphic novel project that is being produced in between work on other projects. It’s the story of a man–er, minotaur–named Bo, the creator and lead developer...