League of Aquatic Heroes Webcomic


The League of Aquatic Heroes are a band of sea adventurers who are committed to keeping the oceans clear of hostilities. In a world where most heroes are busy protecting 1/3 of the Earth’s surface, someone has to be left in charge of the remaining 2/3rds!

The team consists of the following:

  • Kraken: A focused strategist and psionic team leader
  • Boston Crab: An eager shape alteration coral anomaly
  • Orca: A loyal sonic blasting sea-robot
  • Swordfish: An agile finesse fighting mermaid swashbuckler
  • Blowfish: A regenerating mutant quill generating thrillseeker
  • Sea Squall: A pseudo-god of the oceans

Together they stand for what’s right and true all across the Seven Seas!

League of Aquatic Heroes was a webcomic that ran in 2010-2011. The webcomic was written by Nuno Xei and drawn by Macedonian artist, Nikola Temkov, who brought a wonderful, classic, silver age feel to the series.

Attack of the Octopod

Beast of Blackwater