Acheron River

One of the four rivers of the afterlife that flow into the Fiendish Realms. This river represents torture and pain. It flows through layers of Hell where battles and war are...

Astral Expanse

This is a realm that exists within the minds of all living beings and is malleable to strong wills. Memories can be recalled as vivid pseudo-physical scenes and even dreams...

Athrian Scholars

Scholars from the city-state of Athria in the country of Dorattica; their education system, mentorship programs, and literature are all renowned across Uropia.

bagging someone

Slang for kidnapping someone; sometimes used as slang for murdering someone.


A type of fiend, also called a soul-eater, or a Scavenger of the Pits; although they enjoy eating corporeal subjects, the soul itself is what nourishes them and their power....

Bastion Guard

The police force of , officially founded, after the first wall was raised, in X-60 by the dwarf hero, Gearwall. Bastion Guard continues to protect the metropolis of Cog Town to this day...


Refers to the body’s metaphysical biology; how the connects with the physiology of a subject, or how supernatural physiology functions, for example.


A form of ethereal-based energy damage used to incapacitate targets; usually generated by gauntlet weaponry used by the of .

body thief

Term usually used to refer for possessing spirits, but is applicable to all supernatural entities who can take control of a subject’s body and/or mind.