Free Comic Book Day: Get LONE STRANGER and BREACHSPACE: FIGMENTS at DriveThruComics

Free Comic Book Day3277 takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. On this day, participating comic book specialty shops across North America (and the world) give away free comics, encouraging dedicated fans to maybe find something new, and especially encourage a new generation of comic readers to discover comics as a whole.

The event celebrates the independent comic book specialty shop–so, if you know of a local comic shop in your vicinity, get on out there, take your family and friends, and get some free comics!

This day is also an opportunity for digital comics to get some spotlight too, thanks to the national exposure from news outlets.

You can find free comics at ComiXology as well as find free comics at DriveThruComics if you set the right search filter!

You can get the XEI short comic LONE STRANGER as well as BREACHSPACE: FIGMENTS, which is a compilation of works; both are written by Nuno Xei with art by Xerx Javier.

Download Comic Free at DriveThruComics

Download Free Comic at DriveThruComics

Download Free Book at DriveThruComics

Download Free Book at DriveThruComics