About the BREACHSPACE Setting


The BREACHSPACE Setting is a world filled with fear, dread and unsettling realities. It is a world brought into existence because of a reality-shaping anomaly triggered by the opening of The Hellmouth, an event called the Great Cataclysm.

The Hellmouth is a gaping wound in the earth that spewed forth fiendish hordes in the early years. It would plague the continent of Uropia for decades before things settled down. Finding a new “normalcy” for the mortals wasn’t an easy feat; it required the Dawn of the Celestials, the Awakening of the Dragons, The Fall of the Fey Curtain… angels, dragons and magic were added to the world’s tapestry. Each momentous event was a building stone, set in place, to make the world of Teira what it is today.

The present of the world is set 120 years after the Great Cataclysm; those who survived are at ripe old ages and now have children, and grandchildren, growing up in a remarkable world. New generations are growing up in a world where their cultural history has seized to exist.

People on the world of Teira have no memory of any world that came before the Great Cataclysm. Libraries filled with history books no longer made any sense: ink faded away, written language turned into gibberish, pages crumbled to dust, and so forth. This didn’t mean the world had no history of its own though. Explorers and adventurers would find evidence that proved the world predated the anomaly of the Great Cataclysm. It was as if time was mending itself backwards, even as cultures progressed into the new future. Many cultures adopted the X-Calendar to mark time, starting at X-0, to designate the year of the Great Cataclysm.

The gothic horror genre predominantly makes up the tapestry that is the BREACHSPACE Setting, but the setting is nothing more than a wrapper that quietly smothers all other genres. The difference is that gothic horror literature is often a world where the general population is entirely unaware of the supernatural phenomena that exists and shares the same world with them. In the BREACHSPACE setting, all the people are well aware of the morbid reality they now face.

The BREACHSPACE Setting entertains the idea of tapping into the collective unconscious nurtured by older literature, folklore, legends, mythology, history and so forth. Furthermore, it draws on imagery from more modern references: from the height of the high action pulp fiction, to the bravado of silver age heroics; from the retro-futuristic genre of steampunk, to the ultra-futuristic dystopian cyberpunk genre. It intertwines ideas and archetypes from these things to build the new imaginary world of Teira.

Regardless of this accepted reality—as dark and impossible as this kind of world seems—the common men and women of the world have come to terms with their environment. They come together in communities, have children and witness deaths, both natural and grotesque, but most importantly, they value the concept of living for today and looking forward to the next day, one day at a time.

Then there are the not-so-common men and women. These individuals have been changed by their new world, sometimes by benevolent means, sometimes by the Wasteland’s corrupting Taint. They struggle to bring about the possibility of more glorious days, they abolish evil where it lurks, lead relief armies to battle across blasted lands, defend cities from offended dragons–but so too do they lead dark cults motivated by mysterious masters, rule over populations with an iron fist, perform age-old rituals to harness new powers and release fiends from the Pits of Hell.

The BREACHSPACE Setting offers tales of wonder, of intrigue, and of fear. This anthology focuses on the continent of Uropia, but there’s still a whole world to experience… one breach at a time.