BREACHSPACE: FigmentsBREACHSPACE: FIGMENTS collects 30 flash fiction shorts, 3 (really) short shorts, and 18 sequential one-shots written by Nuno Xei, with the sequential comic art done by Xerx Javier. All the tales take place in the BREACHSPACE Setting, and span across the different countries of the fictional world.

The BREACHSPACE Setting is a world filled with fear, dread and unsettling realities. It is a world brought into existence because of a reality-shaping anomaly triggered by the opening of The Hellmouth, an event called the Great Cataclysm.

The BREACHSPACE Setting entertains the idea of tapping into the collective unconscious nurtured by older literature, folklore, legends, mythology, history and so forth. Furthermore, it draws on imagery from more modern references: from the height of the high action pulp fiction, to the bravado of silver age heroics; from the retro-futuristic genre of steampunk, to the ultra-futuristic dystopian cyberpunk genre. It intertwines ideas and archetypes from these things to build the new imaginary world of Teira.

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